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The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

May 4, 2010


A colleague lent me the first book in Frank Beddor’s trilogy The Looking Glass Wars and I became so obsessed with it that I then had to buy all three myself! It is a wonderful adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, but one that stands as its own story. Beddor is actually known for being a producer on films such as There’s Something About Mary, and you can certainly see this in his writing – the whole book reads like a film that you can clearly picture in your mind. His characters are extremely well thought-out and are completely different to Carroll’s in the original. For instance the cheshire cat is depicted as the Queen of Heart’s assassin and has the legs of a man but the head and claws of a cat, and the Mad Hatter is known as Hatter Madigan – bodyguard and protector of Queen Alyss  (as she is known in the book) – he has a whole costume of knives and swords ready to fight enemies.

The most intriguing thing about Beddor’s novels is the fact that Alyss was born in Wonderland and has to escape to Earth through the Pool of Tears when her parents are murdered, only to come back 13 years later to defend her Queendom. In Carroll’s original it is more the other way around.

I love the way Beddor has made this story his own and created a completely unique and enthralling trilogy for all teens and most definitely adults as well! I couldn’t recommend this enough!

Rating: *****


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