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Losing It

October 7, 2010


The Blurb

Some of today’s leading writers for teens are gathered here in a wonderful collection of original stories: some funny, some moving, some haunting but all revolving around the same subject – having sex for the first time! You never forget your first time and you’ll never forget this book!



Losing It is a fantastic collection of short stories on the topic of virginity. The authors that have contributed to this collection are Keith Gray, Jenny Valentine, Melvin Burgess, Patrick Ness, Mary Hooper, Sophie Mckenzie, Bali Rai and Anne Fine. Each one of these authors are highly acclaimed in the world of teenage fiction and so as you can imagine the quality of these stories is very high. I expected them all to be funny situations of the awkwardness of that ‘first time’ but I was suprised by how different each story is. They cover so many scenarios; from being gay and coming out, to having to sell your body for sex just to make ends meet, and being killed for not ‘bleeding’ on your first time due to religious beliefs. Some of them were hilarious but some were definitely not. It’s just incredible to discover losing your virginity can mean so many different things across cultures and even periods in history.

My favourite story of the collection was probably Different For Boys by Patrick Ness. It deals with two boys who are best friends, but behind closed doors are a lot closer than people think. It was brilliantly written and there were so many twists and turns in it that I felt gripped. Patrick Ness is most well known for his Chaos Walking trilogy which I didn’t actually like all that much, but this story has proven that I will definitely not write off any future stories written by Ness.

I think every teenager should read this collection – it is the perfect introduction to sex and will definitely give them some great advice about losing their virginity.

For me, Anne Fine puts it perfectly in her story Finding it:

Losing it couldn’t be less important. I am serious. It’s finding it that matters. That’s what counts.


My rating: ****

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  1. October 7, 2010 20:26

    How can you bear to sell your books when you obviously love them so much?


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